“When you meet Bruno, undoubtedly you deliver them with your family on an unforgettable adventure that will always want to relive and share with your affections and friends. The first thing encontras is a person with such wave think it’s a character and likely to be generate great person as the wave expands to live unique moments that will get to you. it’s simple and good, that makes it doubly good … now I contact him, I Vivilo and the pictures speak for him” Gabriel Amato

First of all thank you very much for visiting my blog site which is where I reveal my passion for what I do … PHOTOGRAPHY. I am forty years old and very young, adventurous driven by a hunger that led me to go on a bike several countries in South America, almost accidentally discovered this beautiful vocation to catch me for life. My professional training at the School of Photographic Art Avellaneda I offer me a profile of framing and lighting several customers commented as different, thanks to the numerous seminars take with renowned colleagues around the world, I discovered that what I saw was actually the concretion of a personal view on fascinating topics such as weddings and 15 years.

Given the beautiful life I live with my wife Vanesa and two cubs Ale Leo and I strongly believe in the meaning of the words Love, Happiness and Friendship this being what I consider to be the cornerstone of my work. I want to be in every heart holiday for hiring me and collaborate on images telling a story to accompany them for the rest of your life … I want to be in YOUR party.