mujer acostada en el pasto

The time tried to get in with us but did not have real dimension of the desire that we all had that this production would take place. And so, against cataclysmic forecasts, we set out for Monroe. Isabella was super beautiful and her family overflowed with joy. The day gave us sun, clouds and the soft caress of a spring air that played with the tulle and hair of our model. We moved happily and the environment did not stop surprising us, spaces were given away and Isabella, with her doll face and an unstoppable attitude illuminated them at every step.

Makeup and hairstyle by Estela Bravetti, Costume Frida Kahlo, Costume Assistant Laura Olives, Illuminator Pro Bianca Conti, Photograph of who with great pleasure writes this post.

mujer recostada en una planta atardecer en el campo mujer en el campo rostro y manos mujer y planta con flores mujer con un caballo mujer con tul al viento casa abandonada espiando a traves de un hueco mujer con tul al viento sesion-fotos-fotografica-aire-libre-campo-colorida-telas-15-quince-anos-anos-salto-fotografo-produccion-7 mujer apoyada en una pared verde mujer sonriente familia feliz bengalas de colores

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