carmen de areco

Carmen de Areco lived his life normally, super relaxed in Haras San Blas bride, groom even more relaxed at home from their parents … both were certain that accompanied a group of family and friends of iron, the party was secured and this was processed. Hence our challenge was to register for tomorrow details and emotions that they themselves knew they lived arose. With the Getting Ready units and Andres Juli … I hope you enjoy it as much as we create it.

Photography Mastrocola and Bruno Sebastian Espeche, Filming Marcelo Rivero, designer clothing and accessories the bride herself, Bouquet and Bouquet Jazmines Deco, Location Haras San Blas.

haras san blas carmen de areco caja para anillos de boda hombre sentado en banco novia peinandose hombre impaciente novia peinandose hombre pensativo novia peinandose hombre enviando mensaje vestido de novia y accesorios novio cambiandose novia colocandose el vestido novio cambiandose preparativos-getting-ready-fotos-fotografo-boda-casamiento-novios-carmen-areco-salto-estudio-fotografico-bruno-espeche-fotografo-haras-san-blas-23 novio cambiandose novio cambiandose novio cambiandose novia pintandose bouquet novio novio cambiandose novio cambiandose ramo de novia novia peinandose novio cambiandose ramo de novia novia con ramo novia con ramo

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