entrada de diseños exclusivos arrecifes

With Jose we leave early, do not want to miss a moment of the preparations for Dan and Mauri. With a clear and accompanied by a beautiful blue sky route leads to the sanctuary of San Martin Reef … 75 quoted the placard input. Inside the weather it was so welcoming and festive. While preparing Mauri quiet at home, Dan whole team waiting for a table of glazed fruit, chocolate dipped strawberries, melon and champagne swabs. Mariana Tundo, Daniel Di Franco, Sandra Romina Adrover and Carbonaro were doing the rounds with what Dan without wasting time I take my camera and I joined the team.
Dress: Exclusive Designs by Sandra Adrover
Touched and bouquet: Romina Carboaro By Jazmines Deco
Hairstyle: Mariana Tundo
Makeup: Daniel Di Franco
Shoes: Fair Victoria Alvarez
Suit Boyfriend: Forrolla

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Please leave your message for the couple and if you liked the photos invite you to enjoy the preparations for Romina and Lisandro in Buenos Aires