entrada con pantalla de led

Sofia waited behind Led screen with his dad … you behind the music sounded tempting to start moving. She knew within minutes that screen would open and the dream would take real form. His ever present smile intact and was illuminated by the loving eyes of his father who looked to him like can not believe how his daughter had grown. The announcement DJ adrenaline shot, the screen would open in seconds. A last look happy between them and a mechanical noise made it clear that the screen is unlocked, he began to slide and there was light. Laughter, tears and a thousand emotions contained broke … began the night dream. Sofi Happy Birthday !!! Happy to have been part of your party and the great team they hired to make your dream come true.

Freshening and Catering: Marcela Prince By Prince Events.

DJ: Mauricio Cubino By Cubino Productions.

 Video, CabinPosts: Alejandro Dottavio by Play Productions.

Led Display and Led Ceiling: Led Pergamino

Photography: Pablo Rueda, Matias Erdocia and Bruno Espeche.

Salon: CABNAS Salto

Tent: Carpas Party

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